Are you Discouraged?

I recently listened to a talk by Elder Larry R. Lawrence given at BYU.  In his talk he shared a fable about the devil:

Satan went into his garage one day and noticed that everything was a complete mess. He couldn’t find what he was looking for because there were so many rusty tools lying around cluttering up the place. Satan decided on a solution. He would have a garage sale. He cleaned up his old tools and offered them at a discount price for other devils to purchase. Some tools sold right away—for example, the hammer of hatred, the wrench of fear, and the clamp of addiction. They were very popular items. When he was asked why he was selling off so many of his tools, Satan explained that he had decided to concentrate all of his personal efforts on bringing down the Latter-day Saints. He preferred to use his favorite tool on them. What do you think it was? It was the wedge of discouragement. Satan boasted about it, saying, “With this one tool I can inflict major damage on the faithful. Discouragement works wonders every time—even when nothing else will. It can bring misery to the most conscientious souls—those who are striving to keep the commandments.” Then Satan, using his favorite tool, went about whispering lies. To the humble followers of Christ he said, “You are worthless,” “You never do anything right,” “Give up,” “No one cares about you,” and “You can never change.” Sadly, many good people believed him.

Sadly, many people do believe him and become discouraged.  Our beliefs and self-image are often a result of our thoughts — bad thinking.  Gratefully, the Lord has provided remedies including the Lessons from Liberty Jail outlined in my new book “Breaking the Chains of Worry and Anxiety.”  I invite you to download a free preview copy at:  Breaking the Chains of Worry and Anxiety.

I am currently collecting reviews and testimonials to be included in the final print copy with an anticipated publication date of June 1, 2016.

Thank you.


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