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“My husband and I have have been reading this book together. We have multiple children with disabilities and now I have become physically disabled as well. This book has given us many good ideas and is already a blessing in our live’s! In addition, I have shared parts of it with a family member who is struggling and it has blessed them as well. I am so grateful for this book and the insightful inspirations that it gives. I would encourage everyone to read this, because if you don’t have worries, I bet somebody close to you does.”

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Now Available at the BYU-Idaho University Store

IMG_3088“Breaking the Chains of Worry and Anxiety” is now available at the BYU-Idaho University Store! Or, on Amazon at:  Nearly 200 people have already ordered the Kindle version and many more are buying the paperback edition.  Thank you.  If you are reading the book make sure to download the worksheet  and mindfulness activity log.

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