Ohio State v Rutgers
(Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

I just finished reading a compelling article about Ohio State University football coach Urban Meyer, which describes his journey in  beating obsessive anxiety.  His key to healing, a simple process called E+R=O, which stands for Event + Response = Outcome. This system, designed by Tim Kight states:

“The only thing anyone can control in any situation is the R Factor. You can’t control what happens to you and you can’t control what happens next, but you can control your response.”

This simple process was the key to Urban’s healing and is vey similar to the STA2R practice outlined in my book “Breaking the Chains of Worry and Anxiety.” 

This practice is based on the mindfulness steps of living in the moment and acceptance. The steps are:

  1. Stop and recognize unpleasant thoughts (worries) and feelings (anxiety).
  2. Take a deep breath, beginning with one deep breath followed by another.
  3. Accept things as they are, including thoughts and feelings, with caring, curiosity, and understanding.
  4. Ask yourself what you really want, taking into consideration your values.
  5. React in a positive way in alignment with your values and true to your vision

This practice is illustrated below:


As Kight said, E+R= O and I would argue STA2R really “is Mental Health 101.”